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Public Affairs Branch

KSP Public Affairs Commander

An image of Lieutenant Michael B. Webb

Kentucky State Police Public Affairs Branch is located at Headquarters in Frankfort, KY. The KSP Public Affairs Branch is under the command of Lieutenant Michael B. Webb. Lieutenant Webb received his KSP commission in June of 2004 and was appointed the commander of Public Affairs in November of 2013.


Trooper Teddy Bear Program


The Trooper Teddy Bear Project came to life in December of 1989 after Kentucky First Lady Martha Wilkinson hosted a gala fundraiser at Red Mile Racecourse earlier that summer. The black tie event raised the needed funds to purchase 2,000 Trooper Teddy Bears. The concept of the program was for Troopers to provide stuffed animals to children during traumatic experiences such as a car crash, child or sexual abuse cases and also distribute to terminally ill children. The first allotment of bears included a personal note on each stuffed animal from First Lady Wilkinson. KSP partnered with the Indiana State Police with this effort and they too passed out Trooper Bears. The program ran out of funding in early 2000 until recently when KSP was able to utilize asset forfeiture funds from criminal drug activity to purchase bears. The agency plans to sustain the program by offering the bears for sale to the public.

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Public Affairs & Highway Safety

Public Affairs

This branch provides technical assistance to agency Public Affairs Officers, including agency Crime Prevention activities and shall function as liaison between Headquarters and the media. The Public Affairs Branch shall be responsible for the development of current and future prevention and education strategies and programs to combat illegal drug activity.

Highway Safety

Our mission is to plan and execute a comprehensive traffic safety programs to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on Kentucky's roadways, utilizing present and potential resources on the local, state, and national levels. The Kentucky State Police coordinates highway safety programs focused on public outreach and education, enforcement, promotion of new safety technology, integration of public health strategies and techniques, advocacy for traffic safety issues, and collaboration with state and local governments